Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Settling In

Well...after a looooong trip with my parents and Ashley's dad, we finally made it to Wisconsin. We left Friday morning for Margaretville, NY to visit my grandparents there and spend a night. Then after a great evening with them, we left early the next morning for Elgin, Illinois. It was a pretty easy trip, except for gas and tolls were a pain. Then driving through Chicago traffic, bumper-to-bumper, was stressful. But we made it safely to the hotel. The next morning we left Illinois to make it to church in Baraboo that Sunday.

With alot of help from my parents, we've got the apartment set up and unpacked. I have to say how thankful I am that we were provided this home for the internship. It's a very nice place, cozy, and just a few blocks away from my favorite coffee shop :). And a big thanks to the guys that repainted the walls, I love the colors.

We've spent alot of today and yesterday exploring the area with my parents and walking around town. I love the area so much. It's hard to explain it unless you see it. But once you do, you can't help love it too. I think this next year here will be amazing :). I'm also excited to get back to a somewhat normal schedule, and get back to work. After so much time off you start to go crazy. Especially this past month I have felt kinda like a gypsy, spending much of our [Maine] home time packing up and living off of as little as possible, then spending a weekend on the road with all our belongings. It's nice to be settled down and to relax and feel like you're at home.

So you will definitely see more posts from us later after we get some more stuff together. I'm sorry I haven't really been taking pictures (I don't know whats wrong with me) but I stole some from my father and my husband and a couple I took to atleast give you something to look at. (Also sorry, they are mobile pictures lol).

Al Ringling Theater

Downtown Baraboo

Gary, Indiana

Cleveland, OH

Al Ringling Theater in Baraboo

Chicago, Illinois

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