Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Heart Elephants

 Lately the bright colors, maxi dresses and tribal prints have become a trend in fashion. Need to say I have always hated maxi dresses AND tribal prints. Blechh. I thought they were ghetto and ugly. But over the past few week, constantly being exposed to these two things, they have started to grow on me. I realize now that (certain) maxi dresses are for anyone and there are some really cute tribal prints out there.

 As for the bright colors, I chose these yellow linen shorts (Forever 21 $14.80). I love yellow and I love the dressy but casual-ness of the linen.

 Favorite photo #1
Mint colored maxi dress (Forever 21 $10). This is one of the few maxis that are actually wearable and stylish. 

Favorite photo #2
Now this piece of work came from Goodwill ($2.50). It consists of bold shades of blues, purples, green, and big red roses. It was a made to be a skirt but just throw it on up and wrap a belt around it and it makes a better dress.

Elephant bracelet (Forever 21 $6.80) ..and it was the last one :) I love it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Created to Give God Glory: Characteristics of a Dying Church

 I stumbled upon this blog this morning and was stunned when I read this post. It was a very eye-opening and sobering thought. Give it a look....

Created to Give God Glory: Characteristics of a Dying Church: "We look for vital signs when a person is dying. Usually something like the kidneys or one of the other major organs begins to fail. Death is..."

We are responsible for keeping the church from dying, we are called to be witness and preach the gospel. (Matt. 28:16-20) That was Jesus last command, the last thing which he said to his disciples. I think it deserves great emphasis. But let us not forget, while we do have a responsibility to the church, that doesnt make the church ours. It is the Lord's. We the believers make up the body, the church. We plant seeds and the Holy Spirit makes them grow. And because of that seed that was once planted in me which grew, I have this passionate desire to plant those seeds unto others praying that the Holy Spirit will work in them. I do this for the glory of God and for the day when the church as a whole will be united with Christ. I love God and am thankful for what He has and will reveal to me and bless me with.
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