Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Heart Elephants

 Lately the bright colors, maxi dresses and tribal prints have become a trend in fashion. Need to say I have always hated maxi dresses AND tribal prints. Blechh. I thought they were ghetto and ugly. But over the past few week, constantly being exposed to these two things, they have started to grow on me. I realize now that (certain) maxi dresses are for anyone and there are some really cute tribal prints out there.

 As for the bright colors, I chose these yellow linen shorts (Forever 21 $14.80). I love yellow and I love the dressy but casual-ness of the linen.

 Favorite photo #1
Mint colored maxi dress (Forever 21 $10). This is one of the few maxis that are actually wearable and stylish. 

Favorite photo #2
Now this piece of work came from Goodwill ($2.50). It consists of bold shades of blues, purples, green, and big red roses. It was a made to be a skirt but just throw it on up and wrap a belt around it and it makes a better dress.

Elephant bracelet (Forever 21 $6.80) ..and it was the last one :) I love it.

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