Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Snow

....How do I start this? Blechh. It is killing me inside blogging about snow in October. It's just not right. Maybe this strong dislike of snow is a sign that God wants us to move down south, hmm.....;-)

Oh, Maine.

Unfortunately my camera was staring at me expressing how neglected it felt. Reluctantly I threw on a jacket and my boots and stepped outside for a few minutes. So here are a few pictures of the snow.

This poor fly got trapped in my boot print. ...He wasnt moving too quick.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pictures from Anniversary

I promised I would upload the pictures from our anniversary getaway in the mountains, so viola! Here there are!          (....There's not 800 of them hehe)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One Year

October 23, 2010....

It's been a whole year. In a way, it's hard to believe. If you had asked me two years ago if I would be married, I would have thought you were crazy. But my life goal then was to be what you call a crazy cat lady. No man in my life just God and my cats. What do you know! God's plan for me was a man and no cats. It's been amazing what God can do in such little time and how it works out into some greater plan. I somehow always manage to underestimate that. With that said (and I know I say this alot..), but I'm excited for what is to come and how God uses us both :)

So to celebrate our one year anniversary we decided to plan a trip in the mountains of New Hampshire and explore creation. It was beautiful! Even though most of the leaves have changed and it was breezy, it was still so relaxing and enjoyable. We stayed on a resort at Loon Mountain which is right on the Kancamangus Highway. If you haven't been there you need to go. Its a nice drive with plenty of trails to hike on. It's beautiful. Anyway, I took a few pictures on my phone, there not that great but I'll get the photos off my camera as soon as I can, all 800 of them ;-) ... just kidding.

This is his anniversary gift :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking A Break...

As many of you may have already realized this by my lack of presence, I am taking a break from Facebook for some time (so is my husband). It will probably only be for a little while but who knows, it has been quite pleasant outside the ties of Facebook. One of the biggest reasons for me to do it was I needed to focus on what was important. God has been doing some interesting things lately in our life, between Antioch, our church, and leading our youth group, it just feels like God is preparing something for us. Also, another reason for me was I wanted to go back to where "community" meant meeting with someone face-to-face not over an instant message. It's amazing how much we depend on the internet to keep us "connected".  I might also add that I tend to complain alot when I see Facebook being abused by unnecessary/inappropriate status updates. So there is my story for that.

But to the unfairness of not keeping people updated I am keeping you updated through here :) I can't tell if these last few weeks have gone by wicked slow or wicked fast. Between working full time and staying involved in the church and youth group, and the variable events in the middle, its alot to retain. But here's some pictures I've captured during the time. If you cant tell by the pics, we had a great time at the fair :)

They had a thing for trying on weird hats lol.

Ash was petting another goat in the pen and this one snuck up awfully close to a personal area and he had no idea....I managed to captured the picture :)

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