Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pushing Through

After not running for almost a week (due to some minor set backs and physical ailments) I decided it was not the smartest idea to give it all and just push through but aye, what the heck? I did it anyway. Yesterday, lady friend (aka my other Ashley) and I went to the track after work and see how we'd do.

We killed it.

By far the best run of the year for me. 1 mile in 8:30-something. Silly me left my phone in the car so I couldnt record it but little did I know she had kept track of time that was counting down on the scoreboard. I walked away that day with a good feeling. Also, we totally advertised Forever 21 athletic wear all too well. We'll get a picture next time.

One downside to yesterdays run- I wasnt ready for it. Didnt stretch well enough and boy does my leg hurt. It never quite healed right when I broke it (seven years ago!) and aches something terrible when I overdue it. But I'm pushing through it :) nbd.

So today, still all pumped up from yesterdays run results and I thought I could do it again. I stretched my leg real well and turned up my 80s Cardio Radio and what better song to start to than Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" :)

And the conclusion is...

1 mile: 9:25  (not the same result but I'll take it)
2 mile-ish: 13:09 (......)

I hate the stretch of road that I usually finish my run with. I absolutely detest it. So what ends up happening is that last second mile I run half and it and walk the rest of the way home. Hence why that 13:09 is up there.

Like I said, not exactly the result I had in mind but with yesterdays run I know Im headed on the right track (hehe). We'll see how I do tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Not Good Enough

Part Two: C25K-ish.

I have my good days, then I have my very bad days. Today was a bad day. I hate, and I mean I absolutely loathe running early in the day. My prime is usually around 6pm ish, right after work and I can use up all my leftover energy. Unfortunately, I usually have to close on Wednesday nights so I had to get my run in early. I did the same ole loop I've been doing all week. I need to find a bigger one challenge myself more. I just cant get myself to go around the loop again. Forget that.

Anyway, the other day I ran this with a decent time. I got my 10:00 min/mile and walked the last quarter mile. Today, ooohhh today..... I'm not even gonna tell you my time. Clearly, I run like poop early in the day. I made certain that I wore my good socks, my pretty sneakers, and pumped up my 80s Cardio Radio on Pandora and that I also stretched beforehand lest I get cramps and pulls that slow down my time. Well some help that was. It was like as soon as I took off, instant abdominal pull. It made running not fun. But Blondie's beat did make it more enjoyable :)

I will be back at it again tomorrow AFTER work. We'll see how I do. Despite today's not so good run, I have seen alot of improvements with my endurance and also my breathing. My breathing has gotten ALOT better. So atleast I'm thankful for that! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Couch to 5K Challenge-ish

I'm a pretty active person and have been but there was this tiny little period of time where I was physically incapable of running and since that time my cardio, endurance, strength has decreased tremendously. And I mean like ALOT. And because of that lack thereof, I was disappointed when I discovered just how much out of shape I was when I went for a run. Breathing does not come easy to me. Noooo way. It also doesnt help that I've had a cold these past two weeks. But already I have seen a big difference just in the disciplined exercising I've done. So I'm making my own, slightly more advanced Couch to 5K challenge (I just say that to make me feel more in shape than a couch sounds).

Today's run was not as bad as I thought. I havent ran since Saturday and that was just a quickie. I started with a quick 5 min warm up/walk. Then tested my endurance with running the rest of the way. I only had to stop twice to catch my breath (not including when I saw my driveway and nearly passed out lol). That was my equivalent to C25K's 2 min walks they want you to do.

Also, I'm pretty sure there's a glitch in the MapMyRun app for iPhone because the time was not the same as my watch and there is a little gap missing as you can see. So is should be four minutes shorter than what it is, I swear :) and I also forgot to stop the time once I was finished (I'm terrible at this). I should just buy Nike's running app.

Anyway, there is Day 1 of my challenge. My goal for right now is a 27-28 minute 5k. After that will be more endurance long distance running. But right now I have my work cut out for me haha.

Monday, May 14, 2012

5K's and Softball

Sorry its been quite a while since my last post (I'm very bad at this), so I thought I'd give you a quick little recap.

Funny story, Ash has been wanting to do a 5K for a while. Just wanted to do it to say he's done it. So he signed up for the Sea Dogs Mother's Day 5K and the Father's Day one. Coincidentally, husband's best friend's wife signed up for the same Mother's Day one. So us spouses and some family all went to support them yesterday. I wanted to go just to see what it was like. I plan to do one soon (when I gain confidence :P ).

Husband finished 725th out of 4,000 with a time of 27:08. Katie finished with a time of 28:41 and ranked 967th. Not bad at all for their first one!

Also, the day before we had softball games and guess who came to happen to join us that weekend? The cutest little boy and of course his parents :) hehe.

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