Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pushing Through

After not running for almost a week (due to some minor set backs and physical ailments) I decided it was not the smartest idea to give it all and just push through but aye, what the heck? I did it anyway. Yesterday, lady friend (aka my other Ashley) and I went to the track after work and see how we'd do.

We killed it.

By far the best run of the year for me. 1 mile in 8:30-something. Silly me left my phone in the car so I couldnt record it but little did I know she had kept track of time that was counting down on the scoreboard. I walked away that day with a good feeling. Also, we totally advertised Forever 21 athletic wear all too well. We'll get a picture next time.

One downside to yesterdays run- I wasnt ready for it. Didnt stretch well enough and boy does my leg hurt. It never quite healed right when I broke it (seven years ago!) and aches something terrible when I overdue it. But I'm pushing through it :) nbd.

So today, still all pumped up from yesterdays run results and I thought I could do it again. I stretched my leg real well and turned up my 80s Cardio Radio and what better song to start to than Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" :)

And the conclusion is...

1 mile: 9:25  (not the same result but I'll take it)
2 mile-ish: 13:09 (......)

I hate the stretch of road that I usually finish my run with. I absolutely detest it. So what ends up happening is that last second mile I run half and it and walk the rest of the way home. Hence why that 13:09 is up there.

Like I said, not exactly the result I had in mind but with yesterdays run I know Im headed on the right track (hehe). We'll see how I do tomorrow.

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