Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back to Blogging

Sometimes I forget I have a blog, and then those times I do remember I am always too lazy to type out a full explanation of why I haven't been blogging and what I have been up to since I was gone.

So, to get you back up to date.. Let me first tell you this: We have decided to take the internship! We will be moving out October 26th to Wisconsin to spend time there in ministry for a year. We're very excited (not so much for the drive) and so thankful we were granted this opportunity. So now we have a little less then a month here in Maine trying to spend time with as many people as we can.

With that said, we have been filling our spare time with various activities and cool stuff. Ash left his stinky, tiring, boring job at the mill and has been helping out with some handy work for other people. It's been nice having him home :) Recently I've gotten more into photography. I was nervous for the longest time to try and go bigger with it, mostly because I didnt feel I was good enough. But after doing a couple more shoots I started to gain confidence. Now I'm booking sessions like crazy and investing in better equipment to keep up. Here's some of my work..

So if you had told me 4 years ago that I would be married, moving to Wisconsin, and starting my photography business, I would have thought you were crazy. God has surely blessed us and done some amazing things in both of our lives. It's been a very interesting time and I'm always looking forward to seeing what happens next :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Where We Go

If you've read my last post then you already know we're taking on a one-year ministry internship in Wisconsin. You can read about it here.

Its hard for me to put into words my thoughts without thoroughly thinking them through so I try to blog about it but I'm terrible at keeping up with it. But with all this new stuff happening I have to share it with someone...

I can't explain how excited I am that we have been presented with this opportunity. There are certain [typical] fears I have concerning this internship, but there is a confidence that far outweighs them all. A peace I can't explain. Wherever God calls, we go. I'm writing this and I havent even gotten on the plane to visit yet. You must think I'm crazy. But I think the reason I'm most excited is to see my husband grow. At first I was excited for the general idea but after thinking about it my appreciation for this opportunity grew quickly and I was eager for what God has in store for him. I love him dearly and to see him exert all his energy and time at a mill building cabinets knowing that you're not doing what God wants has been a burden to bear.

It has been awesome just this week so far to have him home with me (I work part-time now). He smiles a little differently now. I enjoy it so much :)

Thank you for all your prayers and keep it up, please! :)
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