Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking A Break...

As many of you may have already realized this by my lack of presence, I am taking a break from Facebook for some time (so is my husband). It will probably only be for a little while but who knows, it has been quite pleasant outside the ties of Facebook. One of the biggest reasons for me to do it was I needed to focus on what was important. God has been doing some interesting things lately in our life, between Antioch, our church, and leading our youth group, it just feels like God is preparing something for us. Also, another reason for me was I wanted to go back to where "community" meant meeting with someone face-to-face not over an instant message. It's amazing how much we depend on the internet to keep us "connected".  I might also add that I tend to complain alot when I see Facebook being abused by unnecessary/inappropriate status updates. So there is my story for that.

But to the unfairness of not keeping people updated I am keeping you updated through here :) I can't tell if these last few weeks have gone by wicked slow or wicked fast. Between working full time and staying involved in the church and youth group, and the variable events in the middle, its alot to retain. But here's some pictures I've captured during the time. If you cant tell by the pics, we had a great time at the fair :)

They had a thing for trying on weird hats lol.

Ash was petting another goat in the pen and this one snuck up awfully close to a personal area and he had no idea....I managed to captured the picture :)


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