Monday, January 16, 2012

Organization: Before and After

Project Organization: Before and After...


 This is our lovely desk... can you see it? I've always wanted to put this to actual use instead of making it the destination to pile miscellaneous treasures.

 And of course our coat rack and all the shoes stacked underneath

 This is our TV stand with the stereo that we barely use next to it. The wires add a nice touch :P


I have so many twist ties that come from sandwich bags and garbage bags that they finally came in handy. I HATE wires with a passion. So after we dug through all of them we found out that 2/3 of the wires that were there, we didnt use. So twist tied they were and put into a basket to conceal them.

We moved the desk. I didnt like it next to the door. I think its place there made it more easy for us to pile all our junk on top. Plus it freed up more space for us to have it here in the corner. I'm all about space when you have little to work with.

One perk about having a husband who works in a cabinet mill is he comes home with random projects like these. I once had this in the bathroom but when he brought home a bigger one, that took its place and it now makes a nice cabinet to conceal computer supplies. 

 Our old TV stand we didnt know what to do with for the time being, so I positioned it next to the arm as a make do end table. The extra shelf helps store extra stuff and those baskets....I get a TON from Walmart...really cheap and really nice :).

Our new free TV stand, courtesy of my brother, looks so much nicer and pulls the room together. Plus the doors can hide so much unnecessary stuff. Love it! And of course...more baskets that hold more wires :)

Where the desk once was is now just a storage bin (which surprised me how much these things can hold) and Bun Bun's food. She was all excited during the moving process. 

 Now this is a whole other project. It's Ashley's man table. I organized it briefly and left it be. He needs his own room for this stuff which someday hopefully he will.

Thank goodness for these....they make organizing just a breeze. 

 And to add a little warm and homely touch...some books and a couple candles to make the evening more relaxing.

If there is anything to do from this, its 
  1. Invest in baskets (Goodwill has good cheap ones too)
  2. Twist tie all wires (even label them with a sticker)
  3. Any unused items can be put away in large storage bins
  4. Utilize shelving space. Don't have any? Go get some. They are great! Even to just decorate for photo frames :)

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  1. Oh organization! I am constantly trying to de clutter our house!! Looks great!!

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