Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Importance of Pictures

I forgot that I live in the digital age and no longer print out pictures. I also forgot how much I cherished photos too. See, having all my pics on my fills up so much space. After a while, I am more likely to delete old photos then back then up or print them off. Those are photos I will never get back.

There was this trend going around a while ago, the 365 day photo challenge. To take a photo of something that day that you want to remember, something that tells a story. I love walking into homes and seeing their refrigerator covered in photos of family or just sweet memories. I miss that. I especially miss comparing the difference of an old photo to today, whether its because of who is in that photo or the time, etc.

My parents had so many scrapbooks on their bookcase, each one was of a certain time or occasion. I would always be the one to pull them out and browse through them again and again. I loved seeing my family before I was born, how different they looked, (my dad didn't have any grey hair then!). It's good to look back every now and then

So with the help of Shutterfly for sending me $20 for being a loyal customer, I'm spending the morning catching up on my pictures. (Plus the fact, I have so many picture frames I've gotten as gifts that I have failed to fill out too).

Even with the digital age, it should be easier to capture "moments" since we have cameras on our phones now. I regret the times when I didn't snap a picture of something important. So here's your challenge...whenever something made you laugh, cry, smile, even ponder or just plain tells a story...snap a picture of it :)

...and don't delete it like I did.

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