Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Little Update From the Szostaks

Recently I've had a lot of people come up to me and ask about my blog. Apparently it's getting around quicker than what I write on Facebook :-P. So For those of you who follow me through my blog instead and are curious, here's a quick little recap about what we've been doing...

On top of both of us working full time, him at Windham Mill Works and me at Forever 21, we've been balancing a busy schedule of odds and ends. Church has been our main focus. We've been leading youth group for over a year now I think. And boy, do we have some great kids (more like adults :)). It has been such an encouragement listening to them and their struggles with high school but also the positive attitude they have that most wouldn't. We're going through the book of Acts right now and they bring such a variety of perspectives and questions. I think they grasp more of the difficult topics than some educated adults do. And to listen to their prayers! They pray for guidance and wisdom and understanding along with the needs for those around them, that right there is the most encouraging thing to me. So continue praying for them, they are the future church.

Second, is Antioch. Oh where to begin. Antioch is a college course that focuses primarily on the early church and establishing churches the way they should be. It has been eye-opening! I love our Monday night groups. Its so great being able to learn but the challenge is putting what you learn into action. It's put such a burning passion in my heart to do God's will and His ministry. It's also fun studying with the group we have ;-) So if you are interested in coming just let me know!

With our focus being the church, we've been working on incorporating family game nights, which we have one tomorrow night if you're interested in that too ;-). I think our next step would be community or small groups. We have a couple already but maybe another one and get some younger adults to join. But we'll see what God has planned.

Which brings me to my next update. We've been praying for quite some time that God would give us some guidance and leading on where to go, what to do. Right now, we're taking this next year, maybe less, to get prepared and save for a possible move. Our plan right now, but we understand that any human plan can be thwarted by God's if He leads us differently, is in spending some time down south for a while. We've talked about it quite a bit and it just seems like everything is pointing in that direction. There is another place in mind that we were contemplating but I think that is where we may settle down later on. All of this could be nonsense though. It is just a our goal-like plan for now. All we want to do is go where God wants us. So please pray for us and for guidance.

Well that about wraps it up :) Make sure you stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Sounds like you both are doing really well!! Thanks for the update!! :) I like hearing about you guys...


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